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Products › Approach Train Warning Device "ATOBS-G39"

Centralised Level Cross Warning Device using Axle Counter Technology

  • ATOBS provides audio-visual warning to road users based axle counting system, suited for both manned and unmanned LC gates at both single and double track.
  • Designed with Centralised Electronics at LC.
  • No electronics at Remote location.
  • Current sensing wheel detectors supporting distance up to distance of 3 Km's.
  • Complies with RDSO/SPN/179/2003 Ver 1.0 with amendment 1 and CENELEC standards.

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  • Steady yellow under normal condition. Changes to Red and energizes hooter / gate barrier on train detection at remote. System restores to normal on train clearing the LC.
  • Signal post on either side of LC. LED visibility up to 400M and audio range of 30M
  • Works on 90R, 52Kg and 60Kg rails
  • Train detection up to 250Kmph. Single wheel detector fixed at inner rail
  • Power Input 24 VDC assisted with solar panel and 300 AH battery provided at LC
  • Long working duration of 7 sunless days
  • 24 watts low system power consumption. Utilities power for audio-visual and barrier extra
  • Protected against lightning surges
  • Stable operation at –10 to 70oC and RE area
  • Power supply required at LC location only and at remote location only axle detectors required
  • Audio / Visual warnings will start as soon as the first axle is counted by the remote detectors
  • LED signals working on 24 VDC provided for visual indications to the road users
  • Audio / Visual warnings is stopped only after the complete train leaves the LC gate
  • Steady Yellow indication under LC gate open condition changes to steady Red when gate closed in Manned gate
  • Detection of In-count at remote track device / action by gate man to close the gate at Manned Gate triggers the hooter and warning lights to Flashing Red
  • The system restores to normal on train clearing the Level Crossing Gate. The Road warning signals work during closing and opening of gate even if system fails in manned gate
  • Centralised axle counting system with 2oo2 architecture
  • Wide input voltage operation of 18 to 72 VDC and low system power consumption of 24 watts
  • No Electronic equipments or power supply required at Remote thereby pilfer free at remote ends
  • Two vital relay drive outputs for system health and train occupation detection
  • Complete SMD components technology for better reliability and compact design
  • Housed in standard 19” aluminum cabinet module
  • Wheel detectors can be as far as 5Km’s and connected via signal cable in non RE area and quad cable in RE area

Manned LC Gate

  • ATOBS is integrated with Electric / manually operated gate operations of closing /opening at manned LC gate
  • ATOBS supersede giving warring at LC gate if train approaches LC gate, even if gate is not closed by gate man


Unmanned LC Gate

  • ATOBS gives warring at LC gate if train approaches LC gate before 2 - 3 KM's
  • Power to ATOBS system is provided either by Solar Panel or drawing power