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Multi Section Digital Axle Counter "MSDAC-G39" Versatile Axle Counting System Configurable up to 40 DP and 40 Sections


  • MSDAC-G39 is a fail safe, reliable and user friendly 2oo3 architecture-based Axle Counter
  • Approved by RDSO & Complies with RDSO/SPN/176/2013 Ver 3.0
  • Certified CENELEC SIL-4 standard EN50126, 50128, 50129, 50159 Part A and B and ISA certified by M/s BV Italy
  • EMI / EMC tested as per EN61000 and EN55016 standards


  • MSDAC-G39 Supports up to 40 Detection points and 40 sections in station, auto section, IB section, bridges & LC gates
  • Configurable also as SSDAC and HA-SSDAC as per RDSO/SPN/177/2012 Version 3.0 with 2oo3 Evaluator and single / dual detection for Block operations
  • Works with 24 VDC common power supply, 9 to 36 VDC
  • Fault tolerant data communication of V.23 as per CCITT standard and Supports communication on PIJF cable, half quad copper, OFC on voice / data channel, E1 and RF communication with CENELEC 50159 Category A & B
  • Supports SSI interface through fail safety telegrams on Modbus protocol and data logger via Ethernet
  • Supports train speed up to 250 KMPH
  • Supports hot swapping of card modules in Central Evaluator
  • Supports both Hardware and Software Reset through VDU software
  • Self-Diagnostic and configuration checking between CPU’s.
  • Event logging up to 54000 events, Remote Event Downloading facility available through internet and system monitoring through Internet with IOT technology
  • Capable of extending Central Evaluator in daisy chain form with reliable inter-communication of data between the Central Evaluator to Central Evaluator
  • Supports 16 numbers of Vital and Non-Vital inputs and outputs for multiplexing reducing cables between stations
  • Reliable inter-communication of data between the Central Evaluator to Field units at distances up to 25 km’s with Local Power Supply and 5 Km’s with Centralized Power Supply
  • MSDAC-G39 can be used in various railway applications like Station Yard, Block Section, Intermediate Block Section, Automatic Section, Level Crossing control, bridge track circuiting etc
  • Field DP system can be configured as,
    • 1C1E : Single communication with single Evaluator
    • 2C1E : Dual redundant communication with single Evaluator
    • 2C2E : Dual independent communication with two Evaluators
  • Optional Single Sensor can be replaced with FDP to work up to 12 KMs without any Field Electronics in dual communication channel of Quad and RS485 with OFC interface
  • Stable operation at -30 to +70 Degree Celsius

Reset (Hardware or software Reset)

  • Co-operative — Prep mode with/without piloting
  • Direct — With/without Line Verification
  • Client operatable Hardware Reset or VDU assisted Software Reset

Technical Specifications

Central Evaluator System

  • Microcontroller based fail-safe embedded system
  • Complete SMT technology, miniaturized 3U card frame
  • Fixed pair communication, CRC check with AES128 Cryptography algorithm. Unique addressing of units ensures fail-safety.
  • User friendly GUI aids to configure DP’s and Sections
  • Units can be housed in location boxes near the tracks
  • Expandable chassis with Redundant Power Supply to suite DP’s and Sections as per customer need with Fail Safe CPU’s only in Main Chassis

MSDAC – G39 Evaluator System & Card Modules

  • MCPU : Central Processing Unit 2oo3
  • MDP : DP card supports 2 DP
  • MSC : Vital Section card supports 1 section
  • MCE : Communication
  • MDC : DC-DC Converter
  • MCOM : MSDAC to MSDAC Communication

FDP-G39 & G39A Field DP System & Card Modules

  • Microcontroller based fail-safe embedded system
  • 2oo2 CPU based field electronics with V.23 quad interface and direct OFC interface
  • Can drive up to 2 Vital Relays at field repeated from Central Evaluator
  • Connects to Evaluator System via Quad & Fiber connectivity on hot standby redundant communication. Ideal for long distance communication up to 25 Km’s with local Power Supply and short distance up to 5 Km’s with centralized Power Supply of 110 VDC


VDU Panel of MSDAC-G39

GUI based DP, Section & Reset Configuration of MSDAC-G39

Event Downloading of MSDAC-G39

MSDAC-G39 Configurations

MSDAC-G39 Applications